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SCAFCO Corporation
Water Storage Tanks

SCAFCO Water Storage Tanks

These tanks are very cost effective from 10,000 gallons to over 200,000 gallons. Some of the applications are: potable water storage, fire suppression, water storage tanks, process water storage.

Durable - Highest Quality - Low Maintenance - Economical

10 Ways the SCAFCO Water Tank Better Meets Your Needs for Economy, Low Maintenance & Long Life

1) Roof Ladder System

SCAFCO provides a complete roof ladder system with every tank over 9' in diameter. The roof ladder includes steel steps bolted to the roof for access to the center hatch cap. Safety steps attach to every other roof panel around the peak, providing sure footing. Optional side wall ladders available.

2) Center Hatch Cap

Visible inspection and inner access are possible through SCAFCO's unique center hatch cap. Tanks 6' through 24' in diameter have a handy 24" in diameter hatch; those 27' and larger have a 36" hatch.

3) Inspection Hatch

Standard on every SCAFCO tank (12' (3.66m) & larger) is a man-sized inspection hatch at the eave. Included in one roof panel, this rain-tight hatch is factory installed with a latch.

4) Great Roof System

SCAFCO roof panels provide outstanding load carrying characteristics and weatherability. Roofs bolt together rapidly at the jobsite. Each panel is securely attached to sidewall staves. Optional roof dams to collect rain water are available.

5) High-Strength Bolts

Every SCAFCO tank is furnished with heat-treated SAE Grade 8.2 (DIN 10.9) bolts. All exposed bolts are coated with a patented protective system that lasts five times longer than conventional zinc-plating to assure durability under harsh weather conditions. Polyethylene washers seal roof and sidewalls against moisture penetration.

6) Flexible Liners

The liner is suspended inside the tank to form a water-tight membrane. Water never contacts the tank's steel surface.

7) Heavy-Duty Anchor System

Contoured to match sheet corrugations, sturdy anchor clips secure the bottom ring to the foundation. Resists horizontal loads. Seismic anchors available.

8) Galvanized Sidewall Staves

All steel components are hot-dipped in zinc for high corrosion resistance. SCAFCO's unique 42 2/3" galvanized steel side-wall staves are pre-punched with a single-stroke operation, assuring accurate hole alignment. Sheets are precision roll-formed from high-strength steel. Out extra-stiff 2 2/3" corrugation provides resistance to wind loads. The tank can be field-painted if the owner desires.

9) Easy Piping Connections

Piping from the foundation base can be joined to the tank by means of a flanged and gasketed joint.

10) Rapid Field Assembly

Complete assembly instructions are provided; using jacks enables assembly at ground level.

SCAFCO Water Storage Tanks
are Available in a Variety of Sizes


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